City of Paris, TX
City of Paris, TX

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Fees & Required Information
All fees include a search and certified copy of certificate. The fees are non-refundable, even if the record is not found. Birth certificates can be issued from anywhere in Texas at a City Registrar's office via remote access to the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics.

The current fees are:
  • Certificate of Birth or verification - $23
  • Certificate of Death or verification - $21 ($4 for each additional certified copy of the same death record)

Required Information
  • Name of the birth or death record being requested
  • Date of birth or death and place of birth or death
  • Father’s full name (last, first, middle)
  • Mother’s full name, including her maiden name
  • Purpose for obtaining the certificate
  • Relationship to the person whose certificate is being requested
  • Daytime telephone number with area code
  • Handwritten signature
  • Complete return mailing address
  • Photocopy of your picture ID (such as a driver’s license)

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