Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division provides for additional follow up investigation of crimes.  The Division is supervised by Acting Captain Doug Murphy and includes one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and six Detectives. Detectives are assigned to different types of crimes such as:

  • Narcotics
  • Financial Crimes
  • Child Abuse 
  • Motor Vehicle Crimes
  • Assaults and Domestic Violence
  • Crimes Against Property

Criminal Investigators work with local, state, and federal agencies in the investigations of all levels of criminal activity.  CID personnel are responsible for all crime scene investigation and processing. These officers are highly trained in the collection, preservation, and packaging of evidence in criminal cases requiring laboratory examination.

Most evidence collected by the department requiring laboratory analysis is transported to Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Labs.

Criminal Investigators work with local, state, and federal agencies in investigation of all levels of criminal activity.

Cooperation With Other Divisions

The Crime Prevention Officer, Detective Curtis Garrett, works closely with the other detectives in CID. Detective Garrett watches for any crime trends and works to alert the public quickly with the latest information regarding scams, identity theft and how criminals are accomplishing their deeds. An informed public is better served to prevent criminal acts. Detective Garrett also serves as the coordinator of the Lamar County Crime Stoppers organization, and is a Public Information Officer for the department.


Municipal Court warrants and all criminal warrants obtained by officers and detectives of the Paris Police Department are entered into local, state of national crime records databases, to be tracked and served as quickly as possible.