Paris Fire Department

A Fire Department is dynamic in that it has to continually adjust to the characteristics of the Community it serves. Unlike most organizations which have a fixed mission, the Fire Department has to be the “fixer” for any problem. For this there is a constant need for training and knowledge by the personnel to deal with any emergency whether perceived or real.

Our vision for the Paris Fire Department is to take the best traditions and those characteristics that have made the Paris Fire Department a great organization and combine them with the latest, most progressive and successful models of public safety. We want to create a state of the art, highly trained and disciplined organization that provides a level of public and customer service second to none. To create an atmosphere where officers grow, thrive, and take personal responsibility for organizational success by enhancing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. We want to transition the Paris Fire Department service into a more customer friendly, community-wide, and all hazards public safety organization, where considerable emphasis is placed on those services most needed by the community. To providing additional layers of service above and beyond what citizens expect or what they pay for. We want to aggressively recruit when necessary and retain a demographic reflective of the city to create a dynamic and positive community based workforce. And, lastly, that the Paris Fire Department be a great asset, contributor, and fiscally responsible team player towards the overall mission and vision of the City of Paris and the City Council.

We want to navigate through the challenges that lie ahead in the changing dynamics of the fire service in providing the citizens with the greatest level of service in fire suppression, EMS First Responder, Hazardous Material Response, and Heavy Rescue operations and Dive Team operations.

The key to success of the Paris Fire Department will be to forge those relationships with surrounding communities and to offer our skills to the ones which need help. We cannot be an island. We need to be the shining star of the NE Texas area. Our skills and abilities need to be ones that other Fire Departments use to model their own Department’s missions.

With the support of the City Council and City Manager, we will make this happen.