Animal Control

Duties & Responsibilities

Our mission is to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of the citizens of our community with those of the animals in our city. Animal Control Officers are responsible for investigating animal cruelty cases, reports of rabid animals, and animal bites. The animal control officers also enforce the leash law and other City Ordinances.

About the Shelter

The City of Paris Police Department operates the Animal Shelter, and employs two full-time civilian Animal Control Officers and three part-time Kennel Technicians. These employees are dedicated to providing the citizens of Paris with quality animal control services, while providing humane treatment to all animals which come into our care.

Animal Control Truck

Stray and Loose Animals

The Animal Control Officers capture stray and loose animals and work closely with the Lamar County Humane Association in an attempt to find adoptive homes for as many animals as possible.

The unwanted, stray, abused, and abandoned animals which are kept at the Animal Shelter are provided care, nourishment and a safe environment until they are adopted, picked up by the confirmed owner, or euthanized. Residents of Paris who experience ongoing problems with stray animals can also check out a dog or cat trap at the Animal Shelter.