Community Policing Unit

COP Unit

The department applied for and received a four year grant for two police officer positions to be used in the Community Oriented Policing Unit. That grant ended in 2014 and the unit has continued with at least one officer assigned.

Community oriented policing is a back to basics concept of having officers more attuned to the needs of neighborhoods along with the time to work not only the crime problem, but associated problems that contribute to the crime issues.

Our COP unit works regularly with the city Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement and Community Development in solving problems of illegal clubs, drug sales and quality of life issues.

The unit is staffed by Officer Curtis Garrett.  Should you have questions about the community policing model our department uses or have a neighborhood issue we might be able to help with, please contact Officer Garrett by clicking on e-mail or calling him at 903-737-4111. 

Officer David Whitaker is surrounded!

Officer David Whitaker Surrounded by Schoolchildren

Video Sentinel Program

video camera

Video camera security systems are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life. There are more security video systems being installed in residences and business locations with Paris being no exception. You may have such a security system in use. If your system has cameras which may take in views of public streets or places, the police department needs your help.

Valuable resources, including time, are spent by our officers locating surveillance footage near a crime scene. Even more difficult and time consuming for officers is when a vehicle is used in the commission of a crime.

If you have a camera in your system that points to a public street or area, or just a portion of a public area we would like for you to join our new community policing program, Video Sentinel.

If you could take just a minute and fill out a registration form on the city of Paris website, Police Department, Community policing (click here), you have an opportunity of providing assistance to your police department. Our officers will not contact you unless they are investigating an incident which occurred in your area. Your camera might have recorded the incident, or a suspect or vehicle passing by.  By your camera registration our investigation efforts will be enhanced by being more responsive in locating video footage. Your video could actually help solve a crime!

The registration is on-line, easy and you’ll receive a letter confirming that we have the information.

Please consider sharing this information with us, again we will only contact you if there is crime involved.  Any questions about the program can be directed to Officer Curtis Garrett, 903-737-4111 or by e-mail by clicking here.