Zoning Information

The Planning Office maintains, interprets and updates the City of Paris Zoning Ordinance and the Official City of Paris Zoning Map.The State of Texas delegates zoning authority to the municipal level. The 1928 Standard State Zoning Enabling Act laid this basic foundation for the granting of zoning power from the state to the local level.

Access the Official City of Paris Zoning Map.

Zoning Districts:

Agriculture (A)

General Retail (GR)

Commercial (C)

Office (O)

Central Area (CA)

C & LI

Light Industrial (LI)

Heavy Industrial (HI)

One-Family Dwelling Number 1 (SF-1)

One-Family Dwelling Number 2 (SF-2)

One-Family Dwelling Number 3 (SF-3)

Two-Family Dwelling (2F)

Multi-Family Number 1 (MF-1)

Multi-Family Number 2 (MF-2)

Neighborhood Service (NS)

Expressway Service Station (ESS)

Planned Development (PD)

Public Lands and Institution (PLI)