Johnson Woods Sewer and Channel Improvements

Construction is underway along Johnson Woods drainage channel between Lamar Avenue and Clark Lane.  The project includes replacement of the sanitary sewer main, and then reconstruction of channel side slopes with reinforced matting to help protect against erosion.  The project started in July and will take approximately 6 months to complete.  

For questions regarding the project please call the Engineering Department at 903-784-9292.

Downtown Utility Replacement

Utility crews are completing the water services along Lamar Avenue between Main and 3rd St, and making connections to an existing water main in the intersections of Clarksville and Lamar along East 3rd St.  The overall phasing sequence has been modified, and the water line will be installed along the following streets, in this order:  Grand, Clarksville, Bonham, Lamar, West Plaza, North Plaza then South Plaza.

For questions regarding the project please call the Engineering Department at 903-784-9292.

Church Street Reconstruction

Construction is underway on South Church. The contractor has installed sanitary sewers from Hearne to Sherman, and they have installed the first layers of the pavement from Hearne to Brame.  Curbs and sidewalks are currently being installed. 

Church Street is open to local traffic only.  Please follow all traffic control warnings for your safety.  

Loop 286 Sewer Replacement

Replacement of a 27" sanitary sewer around the NE Loop 286 continues. The contractor has completed the sewer main across the FM 195 intersection, by bore.  Most of the new sewer is installed and operational, however the contractor will return for some final work in the upcoming weeks.

17th Street Replacement 

The 17th Street project is part of the 2017 Street Bond Program, and consists of full depth pavement replacement, including enclosed storm sewers, along 17th SE from Clarksville to Lamar, as well as an asphalt overlay from Lamar to Pine Bluff. PaveCon Public Works is the contractor, and work is anticipated to begin in July.  The road will be closed to all traffic during the project.

Construction Warning

Construction Bid Advertisements

Our goal is to make doing business with the City of Paris as easy and convenient as possible. To reach contractors and to assure the quality and economy desired, the City of Paris provides access to bid information via the internet.

A brief description of projects and a link to the technical specifications of those projects is provided below.

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