Records Division

Contact Personnel

This Division is supervised by Captain John Terry Bull.  He can be reached at 903-737-4120 or by email at

Clerk: Alice Webb at 903-737-4113 or email at

Clerk: Lindsey Griffis at 903-737-4115 or email at

Clerk: Jennifer Maxwell at 903-737-4114 or email at

Duties & Responsibilities

The Records Section manages the flow of reports and investigations throughout the department.

Most aspects of police work include some type of report. This unit is responsible for proof-reading, verifying, and storing all documentation as well as compiling NIBRS Reports (National Incident Based Reporting System), responding to requests for public information available through Open Records Request, and filing criminal records clearance letters.

Accident - CRASH Reports

If you were involved in an accident which was not investigated by the police, you may complete a Self-Reporting Accident Form, which can be found at  Texas Department of Public Safety.

By statute, vehicle CRASH reports are $6.00 per copy.  CRASHES that result in a report being made may be obtained from our office at 2910 Clarksville Street or are  available online for  purchase, normally within 5 days at

Open Records Request

For open record requests for public copies, which do not require an opinion and only include basic public information are .10 cents a copy page. Basic public copies can be requested and obtained from:

Paris Police Department
2910 Clarksville St.
Paris, TX 75460

Open records requests must be submitted in writing. Requests are not accepted by telephone. The requester needs to provide their name, address, and contact information for reply purposes.  Submit your open records request online at Click Here.  Open Records Requests, requiring an opinion may take up to 10 business days to process.  Some requests require an opinion from the Office of the Texas Attorney General. In such cases, the amount of time needed for processing may be extended.   

There are some situations in which a government entity can ask the Texas Attorney General for an exemption on release of information relating to certain documents. A criminal case that is under investigation that has not brought a suspect to trial would be one example.  

The Texas Administrative Code provides guidance on what governments can charge for copies of documents or data related to an open record request. Please click on this link to see the statute and detailed costs.