Think Child Safety Program

Think Child Safety

What is Think Child Safety / Think Senior Safety?

Think Child Safety/Think Senior Safety is a injury prevention program assisting in the reduction of injuries and death among children and senior citizens. Think Child Safety teaches children about 911, car seat safety, gun safety, fire safety, bicycle safety, water safety, CPR and First Aid, and pedestrian safety. The program then provides constant re-enforcement by exposing children to visual reminders and opportunities to practice these skills.

Children are also taught to recognize the Think Child Safety logo. These logos are placed on vehicles with/without "Mobile Safety Vehicle" under the logo. The concept of this component is to identify businesses or organizations in the community that utilize two-way radios and cellular phones. These vehicles would be identified as "Safe Havens" for children if an emergency arises. The individual would be trained in basic first aid, and could notify EMS, police, or fire if necessary.

The original philosophy focused on the fact that children are everyone's responsibility. It was further recognized that children and adults can learn good safety practices and that safety education is critical at all levels.


The program was developed in 1989 by City of Paris EMS Paramedic, Stewart Dodson after the tragic loss of nine children in a six month period. Soon afterwards, Think Child Safety was formally adopted by the City of Paris. In May, 1993, the City of Paris passed a resolution which was accepted and provided Think Child Safety with a registered trademark and logo.

Who Makes Up Think Child Safety

Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments combine efforts in providing educational material, training staff, and on-site professionals for direct contact. They are assisted by Paramedic Ready Teddy, Andy the Ambulance, McGruff, Sparky, Terry the Traumasaurus and other Think Child Safety mascots.

Everyone is familiar with these symbolic educators and Think Child Safety ensures a tailor made mechanism for the presentation of these tools.