How Volunteers Help

Volunteers can bring a new perspective, added talents, and energy to already established library services. They assist the paid staff in providing the quality services library users have come to expect from the Paris Public Library. Our volunteers enhance, rather than replace, our staff, allowing the library to make the best use of its fiscal resources.

Jobs Volunteers Do

Some of the jobs our current volunteers perform are checking in of materials, shelving, assisting with children's programs and activities. Some additional possibilities are materials processing, helping design and set up displays, entering data in the computer, book mending, and reading and/or dusting the bookshelves. Tell us what you are interested in doing and we will do our best to find a job that will fit your skills and interests.


You can volunteer an hour a day or an hour a month. We value our volunteers and will try our best to work out a schedule that is the best for you and the library.

Volunteering creates an opportunity for personal satisfaction while performing a valuable service. Retirees have a wealth of knowledge, experience, energy, and so much to give to their community - volunteering is a wonderful way to continue to use these things.

Contact Judy at (903) 785-8531 to find out about becoming a library volunteer.