Paris Economic Development Corporation

  • No. of Members: 7
  • Length of Term: 3 yrs. 
  • Appointed By: City Council 
  • Regular Meeting Day: 3rd Tuesday 
  • Meeting Time: 5:30 p.m. 
  • Meeting Location: Council Chamber 
  • Duties/Purpose: Administers 4A sales tax funds for the promotion and enhancement of job creation and retention and other economic development activities of the City of Paris through development of incentives and short-term and long-term planning.  Members must be residents of Lamar County (Resolution No. 2017-016), and qualified voters.
Current MembersTerm
Josh Bray7/02/2020 – 6/30/2023
Curtis Fendley7/02/2020 – 6/30/2023
Chase Coleman7/02/2020 – 6/30/2023
A.J. Hashmi7/01/2018 – 6/30/2021
Shay Bills7/01/2018 – 6/30/2021
Mihir "Mark" Pankaj7/01/2019 – 6/30/2022
Stephen Terrell8/10/2020 – 6/30/2022
Steven Clifford (Mayor - Ex-Officio)
Grayson Path (City Manager- Ex-Officio)
Brandon Bell (County Judge-Ex Officio)
Pam Anglin (PJC President-Ex-Officio)

Council Liaisons: Clayton Pilgrim
                             Renae Stone