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  1. How I can help ( check all that apply)*
  2. When I can help ( check all that apply)
    I can help a couple of hours per month on an as-needed basis
  3. I am able to commit to two or more hours per month to serve on a committee
  4. Volunteer Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability:
    I understand that I may encounter various risk as a volunteer for Paris Main Street. By submitting this form, I hereby agree to assume these risk and release and hold harmless Paris Main Street, the City of Paris, its employees, elected and appointed officials, and any other representative of Paris Main Street, including other volunteers, from any and all liability for injury to me or damage to my property, which may result from my participation in volunteer activities. This release shall be binding on me and any other persons making claim through me or on my behalf.

    I further agree to release the use of my likeness, photo, video, or otherwise, that may be taken during my volunteer activites for use in promotional materials, without compensation to me.

    If a volunteer 18 years old or younger, a signature of a parent/guardian is required on a separate form.

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