Platting Requirements


What is a Plat?

A plat is a survey drawing and description of a legal building site (or sites) that shows the location, dimensions, and description of any lots, rights-of-ways, easements, building lines, and other site features or dedications that affect how a parcel will be developed. A plat must conform to the requirements outlined in the Subdivision Regulations located in Appendix B of the Code of Ordinances before it can be approved.

When is a Plat Required?

A plat is required when land located within the City of Paris, or within its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), is divided into two or more parts for the purpose of sale, creating building sites, creating a subdivision or an addition to the City, or laying out lots of any nature.

What is the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction?

The ETJ of the City of Paris is the unincorporated area that lies between the existing City limits or corporate boundary and extending outward to a perimeter two miles from the corporate boundary.

All plats and subdivisions of land located within the City's ETJ must comply with the Subdivision Ordinance (located in Appendix B of the Code of Ordinances.)