Paris Downtown Hosts

 Paris Optical
15 E. Plaza
Paris Optical Website

Paris Baby
134 S. Main Street
Paris Baby Website

SOHO & Smokin Hot Studio
131-133 Lamar Avenue
SOHO & Smokin Hot Studio

Itsy Bitsy Spider
9 W. Plaza
Itsy Website / See Itsy's Facebook page

Hickory Street Emporium see our new location downtown           122 Bonham ST.                                                                                   website                                                                         

Olive Paris
115 S. Main Street
Find Olive on Facebook  

Southern Glam'd
135 Bonham Street
Find Glam'd on Facebook

The Plaza Gallery
8 W. Plaza
See what's happening on the Gallery's Facebook page

The Collegiate Shop
15 S. Plaza
Find the Shop on Facebook

Simply Blessed Boutique and Hello World Gifts and Designs      133 Bonham ST                                                                               Hello World FB page                                                                       Simply Blessed FB Page                                                                                                                                              

Where to Stay:

Visit our Chamber of Commerce website for a listing of area hotels.

Antique Postcard

This event would not be possible without the support of these downtown businesses! They are looking forward to hosting this fun event in Historic Downtown Paris.