Burn Permits

Outdoor Burning Regulations


Open burning shall be conducted as required by other governing agencies regulating emissions, i.e. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. ONLY natural materials shall be burned.


Open burning shall not be conducted within 300 feet of any structure.


A competent person shall continuously attend the burn pile until the fire is extinguished.


Burning shall occur only during daylight hours.


The Fire Marshal is authorized to require that open burning be immediately discontinued if the Fire Marshal determines that smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding property or if the open burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.



  1. Outdoor burning shall be limited to the burning of brush, grass, leaves, trees and vegetation generated only from the property where the burn is to take place. Electrical insulation, treated lumber, plastics, non-wood construction/demolition materials, heavy oils, asphaltic materials, potentially explosive materials, chemical wastes, tires, natural or synthetic rubber and household garbage shall not be burned.
  2. Burning shall be commenced and conducted only when wind direction and other meteorological conditions are such that smoke and other pollutants will not cause adverse effects to any public road, landing strip, navigable water, or off-site structure containing sensitive receptor(s).
  3. If at any time the burning causes or may tend to cause smoke to blow onto or across a road or highway so as to obscure the vision of motorists the fire shall be extinguished.
  4. Burning shall be conducted in compliance with the following timing considerations:
    1. Burning shall only occur during daylight hours. A responsible party shall be present at all times during the active burn phase and when the fire is progressing. In cases where residual fires and/or smoldering objects continue to emit smoke after this time, such areas shall be extinguished if the smoke from these areas has the potential to create a nuisance or traffic hazard condition. In no case shall the extent of the burn area be allowed to increase after this time.
  5. Due to radiant heat the burn area must be no closer than 300 (300) feet from any structure.

To Apply for an Open Burn Permit, Please Click Here: Open Burning Permit Application

  Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Who issues a Burn Ban?

a. A Burn Ban can be issued by a City or County.
b. Each Ban is specific based on the needs of the City or County.
c. Burn Bans can be permanent or run for a specified period of time.
d. The County usually issues a Burn Ban based on atmospheric conditions factoring in the relative humidity and wind conditions.

 2. Why is the Burn Ban still on after a rain?

a. In the winter vegetation is dormant and does not take in moisture. Within a few hours after a rain, winds will dry the surface moisture from the vegetation allowing it to burn.

3. Does the City of Paris enforce the County Burn Ban?

a. No; the Paris Fire Department enforces the International Fire Code as adopted by the City Council.

4. Can I grill with my back yard grill?

a. Yes, we encourage everyone to use extreme caution when grilling outdoors when dry or windy conditions exist. Enclosed natural gas or LP gas grills and smokers are encouraged. Open topped charcoal grills are discouraged as sparks, discarded or unattended coals may cause a fire to occur.

5. Do I need a permit for “Hot Work?

a. The City of Paris requires that a permit be obtained for any hot work during public exhibitions and demonstrations.

6. Can I use my outdoor patio fireplace or patio-style fireplace?

a. The answer here is it depends.

i. Yes, the use of outdoor fireplaces constructed in accordance with the International Building Code will be permitted.
ii. Yes, the use of enclosed chimineas are allowed.

 7. Can I use Fireworks in the City of Paris?

a. No, the possession, transportation or use of fireworks is prohibited by the International Fire Code.  The City of Paris has a year round ban on Fireworks.

 8. How can I prepare and make my home safer during dry conditions?

a. Remove all dead and over grown vegetation within 10 feet of your home.
b. Remove all dead leaves and limbs within 10 feet of your home.
c. When smoking outdoors, place all spent smoking materials in an approved container.

9. How should I discard the ashes from my fire place or charcoal grill?

a. Ashes should be placed in a metal trash can with a lid and placed 10 feet from any structure including fences.

10. Where do I report violations?

a. Contact the Paris Fire Department Fire Marshal’s office at (903) 784-9226.
b. Open burning or careless acts with fire should be reported to 911.

11. What should I do if I see someone throwing a cigarette out of a vehicle?

a. Report it to Don’t Mess with Texas at www.dontmesswithtexas.org.

You will need to get the license number of the vehicle, and they will send the violator a reminder notice in the mail.