Uniform Patrol Division


The Patrol Division of the Paris Police Department is composed of uniformed officers in marked patrol units. The Patrol Division consists of police officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and a Captain. The City of Paris is divided into five patrol districts that are determined by the historical call activity in the area coupled with the size of the area. See our calls for service at CrimeReports.com.


Patrol officers work four 12-hour shift assignments and are referred to as shifts A, B, C, and D. Officers work staggered shifts to provide police presence and officer availability during shift changes.

Patrol shifts rotate from day to evening shift every three months, and have an alternating work week schedule to allow officers every other weekend off.

Duties and Responsibilities

Patrol Division tasks include the suppression of crime by preventative patrol, response to calls for service, traffic law enforcement along with traffic collision investigation, and providing other law enforcement service as is needed.


The patrol division is under the direct supervision of one Captain, and four Lieutenants that oversee one of shifts A, B, C, and D. 

  1. SWAT Team
  2. Accident Investigation Team
  3. Honor Guard

SWAT 1When a situation requires advanced equipment and trained personnel, the department depends on our Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. Officers make application for the team and undergo a rigorous selection process for placement on the team. The team is selected from within the different divisions of the department.

Officers are highly trained and motivated for the successful resolution of any tactical incident. These officers attend monthly training in all aspects of tactical operations including less than lethal weapons, chemical agents, distraction devices, operational planning, and firearms. Our tactical unit is complete with negotiator, entry, and counter-sniper marksman positions.