Sex Offender Registration and Residency Information

Sex Offender Residency Requirements

The City of Paris has recently adopted a city ordinance which prohibits registered sex offenders who victimized persons under the age of 17 from establishing a permanent residence within 1,000 feet of child safety zones. This ordinance is not retro-active and does not prevent the travel to or through these zones.

You can read this city ordinance (PDF) by clicking on the highlighted area. You may check out the map by clicking this: official map of the prohibited areas.

The Paris Police Department also uses a web based service called This service also provides a map showing the residences of registered sex offenders within the city of Paris. This web site will show the user a historical view of calls for service from 24 hours up to 90 days. This service also allows users to enter a radius around their location for e-mail notification of any crime or activity they choose. 

Visit Once the page loads, you can choose filters to see the registered sex offenders or other filters relating to crimes, dates and other information.