Citizen Complaints or Commendations


When a citizen has a complaint against a police department employee, commissioned officer, or civilian employee, the complaint can be made to that person’s immediate supervisor, the Assistant Chief of Police, or the Chief of Police. Please click here to download a complaint form (PDF). Please fill the form out completely so our investigators can contact you. If you have questions about what is required on the form, feel free to contact us

Formal complaints against officers are required to be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint due to Texas Civil Service Law requirements. The person who was wronged must file the complaint; other persons may give statements as witnesses.

Internal affairs investigators will ensure a thorough investigation of your complaint is conducted. Just as citizens who are charged with a crime must be told the charges against them, a police employee must be given a copy of the complaint before any disciplinary action is taken. The department views any complaint regarding an officer or employee as a serious matter and will investigate the complaint completely. Once the investigation is complete, the Chief of Police will respond to the person making the complaint in writing stating the results of the investigation.


Our officers and employees job is to provide excellent police service to our citizens every day. Should you wish to let the department know of your appreciation for any service our officers or employees provided, please feel free to contact the Chief of Police by telephone at 903-737-4100 or by email by clicking here.

Racial Profiling 2022 Report

Article 2.132 (7) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure requires the annual reporting to the local governing body of data collected on the race or ethnicity of individuals stopped and issued citations or arrested for traffic violation and whether or not those individuals were searched. The department also publishes the report on our website and furnishes a copy to the public library and city clerks office for review.

Commonly referred to as the "racial profiling report", the Paris Police Department’s 2022 report (PDF) can be viewed online by clicking here.